Mansfield Apex Club is a community service club, which, like Rotary and Lions clubs, exist to benefit the local community. But Apex is a younger adults club, for members between the ages of 18-45. We help the community in a variety of ways; by volunteering our time for local community events or charities, by fundraising for local and national charities and also by donating to local community groups and organisations.

We are also a social club that gets together once a fortnight on a Monday night for dinner and a few beers. We have a weekend away once a year as well as various other social events. While our main goal is to help the local community, we’re also in it to have a bit of fun at the same time. It is a great chance to get out of the house for a few beers and a laugh and meet a few new faces in the community.

If you are keen to check it out, feel free to come along to one of our meetings, the details of our next meeting will be on this website, or you can email [email protected]¬†or call Justin on