Last meeting of the year – 1480

hipster santaFor our final dinner meeting of the year, we will be heading out to Reevesies shed, we have a few things to sort out such as the Christmas trees and the Cattleman’s get together.

Then we will have a few beers, some of Reevesies famous kebabs and celebrate the year. Everyone is welcome to stay the night, just sort out your own bedding or get in touch with Reevesy.

Here is the minutes from the last meeting: 1479 Meeting Minutes

A motion was put forward to investigate purchasing a trailer, to be owned by the club and loaned out to the Primary school, mainly for the transportation of musical instruments. Everyone was in favour, pending further info.

Regarding the Cattleman’s get together, we need to make sure we cover all of the shifts, please help out where you can, it is big earner for our club, and heaps of fun as well. Put your name down when you are available here: Click This Bit

Have a Christmas everyone, seeya next year!

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