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jingle all the way

Christmas is here!

A cruisy game of mini golf was had to mark the end of the year for Apex. But don’t forget that we need as many hands as possible to collect christmas trees on Friday and to sell them this Saturday morning (13th), and next Saturday morning (20th). This is a great fundraiser for the club, […]

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1458 Last meeting for 2014

Last meeting we collected a few bruises and some glory on the paintball fields, this meeting will be a bit cruiser. The last meeting for the year will be a family friendly round of mini golf at Mansfield Holiday Park. Partners and kids welcome. Starting from 7pm. We will have some things to discuss so […]

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Apex Mansfield Paintball

Paintball Meeting 1457

Next Meeting will be on Monday 24th November. At 5PM at Mansfield Paintball field (near the corner of Barwite rd and Old Tolmie rd) Map and directions can be found here: You will need $150 if you want to get 800 paintballs, there are lesser and higher packages available. Plus you will still need to […]

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Dinner Meeting 1456

Due to the Secretary going on a holiday and being generally slack, there has been no posts about the last few meetings. But tonight’s meeting is on at 7pm at the clubrooms. Mr President is putting on a BBQ. Seeya there.

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Social Meeting 1453 Mansfield Bowling Alley

So due to a lack of organisation from a certain secretary, bowling didn’t happen last meeting, so we have moved it to next meeting. At the last meeting we were at the clubrooms and had a pizza night. We filled up the new fridge with the beer leftover from the Llyod Speigel concert. And then worked […]

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Drunk Baby

Mexican Dinner Meeting At Flavour Shack.

The first meeting for the new crew was great, we had mexican food at The Flavour Shack at Buller Sports cooked by the lovely Elyse. We moved a motion to move a motion by proxy vote and the next nation AGM, as presented by the Apex Club of Berowra, to allow each club to raise it’s age […]

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